About Us

Dhananjay Kumar

Founder/InstructorDhananjay Kumar, an eminent Visual Artist/Painter and founder of Kalakriti School of Arts, Ranchi. Currently Assistance Professor Fine Arts at Santosh College of Teachers Training and Education Ranchi.
A fine arts post graduate with experience of more than 20 years in teaching fine arts (painting) to students of different age groups. He has been recognized with more than 70 international, national and state level awards. He is now training students from all parts of the world. His students are also performing all across the world in different creative fields. He is a social activist and entrepreneur who founded
Kalakriti Art Foundation (NGO) to nurture, empower and uplift underprivileged girls and Juveniles through his art skills. He is instrumental in nurturing Sohrai Painting, state tribal art of Jharkhand with his initiative www.sohraiart.com